Community Policing

Solving problems together

E-learning tool for Community-Oriented Policing


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Download the E-learning tool here!



Open the pop-up file "E-learning-COP.ppsm" and get started right away: no installation needed!*


Save to your computer to access and get e-learning when ever and where ever you want!



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Answer sheets

Want to know the answers to the in-tool questions and exercises? Find them here!


Level 1: Defining COP

ict4cop cover answer sheet 01
Download answer sheet 1 as pdf-document


Level 2: Implementing COP

ict4cop cover answer sheet 02

Download answer sheet 2 as pdf-document


Level 3: Building Partnerships

ict4cop cover answer sheet 03

Download answer sheet 3 as pdf-document


Level 4: Problem solving

ict4cop cover answer sheet 04

 Download answer sheet 4 as pdf-document


* This e-learning tool is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Macro-enabled Slide Show file (.ppsm). Therefore, PowerPoint must be installed on the end user's computer.

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